Rock of Faith

Old aquaintences and new threats

hHighlights of this session include:

  • Ambrose took the budding storm mage Arnold out to the desert during an uncommon storm to practice his skills. Due to Ambrose’s status as a supernatural locus, however, the training took a turn for the worse. A freak accident released dozens of ball lightning, all wearing Ambrose’s face, which headed straight for Dry Gulch.
  • The ball lightning raised havok in town, electrifying metalic objects and shocking people who happened to be holding such items. This sent the town in to a panic, which in turn drew a number of lesser demons out of the Temple District, drawn by the pain and fear. Zahariel and Vincent were compelled to stop these, and Lars went with them.
  • Gallows, Ambrose, and Arnold headed to Zahariel’s church to try to do something about the lightning. Taking a bunch of lead window liner from the church’s windows, Gallows created a makeshift wire, then attached it to the church bell, which is the largest visible metal object in town. He suffered repeated shocks, discharging the elctricity built up in the wire so that it would continue to attract the lightning, until someone brought him a donkey to fill in for him. The donkey died, but lasted long enough for Ambrose to fulfil his part of the plan.
  • Ambrose made a trail of metalic objects that lead to the meteor rock altar in the Temple of Rebirth. After Gallows cut the wire from the donkey, the lightning followed the trail to the altar, where Ambrose used magic to trap them.
    • While on the way to the temple, Ambrose also had a run-in with Priscilla, who made a mockery of his efforts to stop the lightning.
  • The demon hunting group ran into some members of the Order of Zarkos, who were taking advantage of the chaos to hunt Lars in the city. After deflecting the robed order members, the group ran into some bounty hunters who were in the employ of the order, and out to capture Lars. One of them, however, recognized Lars from a previous encounter and re-introduced herself as Sennah, whom Lars had helped before. She switched sides, and told the other bounty hunter, Elzy, to back off, as he had no chance against the four of them. He did, noting that this wasn’t over.
    *Back in town, the demons that had made it past the demon hunters were terrorizing townsfolk. Gallows saw these demons and perceived them to all be copies of Istaqa. He then proceded to the bank vault, and after some finagleing, gained access to the meteor rock wall, which he used to make 8 copies of himself. This small militia made short work of the remaining demons, but was wiped out and absorbed by Priscilia when he went to assist Ambrose.
  • With the demons and lightning dealt with in town, the flow of demons from the Temple District slowed to a halt. The storm too was dealt with, as Priscilla used her magic to concentrate, contain, then disperse its energy. All threats dealt with, life returned to normal in Dry Gulch (minus the massive number of casualties from the lightning and demons).
Revenant, final
Istaqa is laid to rest

Highlights of Monday’s session were:

  • The group, via Ambrose and except Gallows, met the leader of the local Shoshone tribe, Shining Feather. They found out that he is Istaqa’s father and Cheyenne’s grandfather, and the person who put the curse on Gallows.
  • Vincent captured a Shoshone warrior armed with a rifle in town, minutes after an explosion blew up cell 1 in the sheriff’s office. He was thrown in cell 3, after moving the meteor wall to the bank vault, with the banker’s permission.
  • Istaqa was discorporated in the blast, and the ward that held him in the cell was destroyed. Along with the entire cell and most of cell 2.
  • The deputy that was guarding Istaqa was severely injured in the blast, and was partially healed by Lars before being taken to the hospital.
  • Vincent tracked some of the guys responsible for bringing Istaqa back to a copse near the river. This was later the site of a battle between the sheriff and deputies and Black Sheep, a former Shoshone shaman that was kicked out of the tribe for practicing forbidden magics. Sheep was captured and turned over to Shining Feather, along with the other renegade Shoshone that was captured in town.
  • Istaqa’s remains were recovered from the ritual casting site in the desert and returned to Shining Feather for consecration. Ambrose recovered some meteor rocks found in the area.

Feel free to append in comments if I forgot anything.

Revenant, pt. 1

Notes on tonight’s session. Feel free to use them to write your own POV adventure log.

  • A Shoshone indian dressed like a Mormon settler came into town looking for Gallows, and promptly found him in the sheriff’s office. He stated that he was there to accelerate the suffering that the curse that his father put on Gallows should be causing. Gallows recognized the man as the son of the Shoshone shaman that he killed 44 years ago, named Istaqa.
    • Later in the session, it was revealed that Gallows killed Istaqa as he eloped with his 9 year old wife (who looked 7, and was legitimate by Mormon standards).
  • Over the next couple of days, Istaqa began killing and scalping Gallows’ contacts. Gallows attempted to save his remaining major ones by telling them to get out of town, which so far has saved Sultry Suzanna’s life, as she fled to the next nearest town, West Bend.
  • The group has learned the following about Istaqa
    • He reforms himself at 6 AM every morning, whether he was killed the previous day or not.
    • If not killed, he discorporates at midnight.
    • So far, he has come back whole and with all the equipment he first appeared with, including his tomahawk.
    • He has been trapped in jail cell 1 due to Ambrose’s wards. HIs tomahawk was trapped separate from him after he embedded it in Vincent’s head. Whether or not it reappears with Istaqa will be revealed the next day.
  • Ambrose has met a Shoshone woman named Cheyanne, who came into town to shop. He escorted her around town, and she paid for items using small chunks of turquoise and gold nuggets. She said that she was living with her tribe, who is camped outside near the river.
  • Priscilla has made a reappearance near the Temple of Rebirth, and has been harassing the workers there. She is now only half of Ambrose’s size.
The Longshots, final
Maybe dynamite does solve everything...

Highlights of this week’s session include:

  • Ambrose put on a satirical magic show that showed the Longshots in a poor light. A few clone members of the gang were in the audience, and took offense to this, shooting one of the patrons in the head. The other was captured by Ambrose in a smoke box, in what appeared to be part of the show.
  • After the show, Ambrose rallied a mob to go take back the West Bend Prison. En route to the prison, the group discovered that the gang had sent out a dozen or so teams to raid every farm at once.
  • A running battle ensued, and a number of the Longshot clones were stuck outside the prison. Ambrose raised a storm, the Longshots made a double firing line, and both sides attempted to pull stuff (people for the townsfolk, food for the Longshots) out of the dust storm. In the end, the Longshots sealed the prison.
  • Gallows, after some back and forth arguing amongst the group, climbed the prison wall and went inside. He attacked the winch house to get the door open, but was captured and thrown in prison.
  • Lars went back to town and convinced the East Utah Teritorial Mining Company to give them two crates of dynamite. After some experimentation, Ambrose found that he could create more dynamite if he were holding the crate when re-forming his smoke clones. They did this, and had the engineer they also borrowed from the company blow a hole in the rear of the prison.
  • The mob and the group assaulted the prison and freed the captives, then located the source of the clones under the prison and sealed the stairwell leading down to it with dynamite. They then had Ambrose’s mini-clone scout the underground and find the source of the clones: a wall mortared with meteor rock and covered in blood. They collapsed the tunnel above the wall, blew out all the rock in the mortar frame, and recovered the frame back to the sheriff’s office in Dry Gulch.
  • During the assault, hundreds of manic-looking smoke clones ran out of the prison. According to what Ambrose saw via his mini-clone, all the people that were under the prison, including all the Longshots and some of their farmer conscripts, were dead, possibly killed by each other or their own clones.

Annotate or comment on this post, or create a new one in your own perspective.

Angel's Eye View - The Longshots pt. 2
Rallying the people

Zahariel watched the dawning of another day in Dry Gulch. She felt a sense of…..curiousity, or at least that was the closest mortal concept she could come up with to describe it, as she watched the Wanderer make his way back into town. He had been somewhere, and it might be pertinent to her reason for being down on the mortal plane. Shaking her head, she decided that it was most likely more mortal nonsense and there would be no sense in pursuing it. She watched his meandering path through the town, noting that he checked the “watering holes” first, and finding them devoid of any activity at this hour headed to the Sheriff’s office.
The Seeker also beat most of the town to wakefulness, although he headed almost directly to the Sheriff’s office, pausing only to nod at the rooftop where he noticed Zahariel maintaining her vigil. She thought she heard murmurs of conversation between the two in already in the office, but they were drowned out by the rest of the town coming to life. The Enigma had been working his job as a stage deceiver the night before, so the angel knew from experience that that one wouldn’t be showing for a long while. The last of the group to come out was the Scared One.
He was quite convincing, she thought. Without her gifts, she never would have recognized the man in the dossier she found at the Order of Zarkos’ Hospice with the man that came stumbling out of the cat’s house. The cat’s house was another mortal saying that made no sense to her – she had never seen a single cat in the building. When it became apparent that the Scared One was going to meet with the others, Zahariel dropped to the street and strode into the Sheriff’s Office.
The office was a cramped affair, not really large enough to comfortably accommodate the group. The atmosphere was not at all improved by the aroma emanating from the alligator carcass that remained in one of the three cells for over the past two weeks. Luckily, the dry heat had preserved it in such a way that as long as it wasn’t disturbed, the smell would be bearable. Just as they were about to discuss their next move, the sound of gunshots called Zahariel back out to the street.
Five men on horseback rode into town firing indiscriminately into the air. Zahariel ran down the road at a full sprint, noting the emotionless face of the attackers an instant before she tackled him off of his horse. The impact sent a small cloud of dust into the air as the bandit she had tackled lost consciousness. Before she could even start to reorient herself, her fallen foe dissolved into a mist, clothing and all. She looked around to see the other assailants do likewise as her companions were quick to dispatch the opposition. The group managed to subdue one without him dissipating first, and proceeded to lock him in the cell next to the dead alligator.
Truth called to Zahariel from within it’s scabbard. She could not recall having ever run into a phenomenon like these mist-men before, and the urge to draw the blade and learn the base truth tugged at her. However, she knew the price of using the sword – there was no way to filter the Truth it provided, and history had shown that there were certain things she simply was not prepared to face right now. She successfully resisted the temptation, and left the blade in its place.
The others had begun to interrogate the prisoner, and Zahariel watched with her inhuman detachment as the captive released puffs of the mist when injured. After a while with no results, the group focused on developing their next plan of action. As her mind wandered, probing again into her past and the sequence of events that brought her here, a new distraction was brought on by the captive convulsing in pain and writhing on the floor until he eventually dissipated like the others in the street. The mortals resumed the planning, and Zahariel found herself treading the familiar path of her past and her purpose in her mind while they bickered over the next steps. She was snapped from her introspection when the Wanderer suddenly punched the Scared One in the face and stormed out. The seeker was quick to follow the Wanderer, and after a quick check to ensure that the Scared One was not in danger of death, the angel followed the two of them out.
The three rode back out to the prison, and observed a heavy amount of activity at the gate. Whether confused, fearless, or just plain stupid, the Wanderer proceeded to march up to the entrance of the prison, and was promptly escorted inside. Unable to comprehend the mental workings of mortals, and understanding that the Wanderer was not in danger of immediate death, Zahariel turned back to town and was followed closely by the Seeker.
Returning to town, the two of them found that the Enigma had finally roused himself from slumber. The remainder of the day was spent with the Enigma investigating the vapor released from the false bandits, the Seeker pouring through several documents regarding the prison and its inmates, while Zahariel followed the Scared One around town looking for those with possible connections to the Longshot gang or the other inmates. Their search led them to the Wild Hare’s, another of the human “watering holes”.
This particular watering hole was particularly dark and uninviting, and in her detached way Zahariel observed the bartender using spittle and a rag that was once white to imitate the actions of cleaning various glassware. Two men, dressed for travel in the open and wearing bandanas, approached her. Prepared for hostility, she was surprised to be offered the opportunity to join the Longshots, and in return they would house and feed her. Having no need for housing or food, she was going to decline when the Scared One’s hand gesturing caught her eye. He seemed to be indicating that he was in danger from these two men, so in a blur of motion, heaven’s hitwoman landed a right cross that crumpled one’s nose and sent him to the floor in a peaceful slumber. As the other ran out the door, the Scared One indicated that Zahariel should pursue, so she caught the man in the street and barreled him over before delivering a knockout blow that loosened several teeth. The two Longshots were dragged back to the Sheriff’s Office and imprisoned. During the interrogation that ensued, the gator corpse must have been disturbed, since it began to emit an almost debilitating stench. The stench was not improved when the Seeker arrived shortly thereafter with the corpse of the Wanderer, who had apparently been shot seven times while trying to escape the prison. While Zahariel couldn’t understand why he would walk into the prison willingly only to try and escape later, she could understand death. As she prepared to give the Wanderer his last rites, the Seeker stopped her. “Wait and see, maybe he ain’t all that dead yet.” Just when she was prepared to write the Wanderer off for good, he took a rattling breath, then another, and called out for some bourbon. The angel found her hand move involuntarily toward the sword on her back, but for the second time in one day, she controlled the urge. Still, she knew dead, and the man had been dead. She would have to follow this up later.
When they managed to gather the group again, they listened to the Wanderer’s account of the Prison and his “escape”. It was soon decided that they could not take on the Prison with a full-out assault. The Enigma revealed that he could achieve some form of control over the mist, and reform it with the force of his will, but was unsure if it would work on the bandits before they were dissipated. The group devised a plan to start thwarting the Longshots, hopefully restoring some balance to the town and whittling down the forces holed up in the prison. While Zahariel spent day and night riding with caravans in and out of the town, the Scared One recruited more assistants while the remainder of the group sought to protect the local farms. Through their heroic defense of the town and victories over the bandits during raids, the town began to believe that they could fight back against the Longshots. Citizens were more likely to help, and fewer people were disappearing to the Longshots’ recruitment efforts. Zahariel waited with the patience of one who has all the time in the world – if they continued to thwart the Longshots at every opportunity, either the gang would leave the area and seek easier targets, or be forced to act rashly. For some reason she couldn’t place, she found that she was actually hoping for the latter…….

Angel's Eye View - The Longshots pt. 1
More trouble for the mortals

Zahariel stared out at the darkness. She pondered the fascination that mortals had with the night, and the ties to evil that they associated with it. In her experience, evil didn’t have limits, and often it lives right inside the mortals that were so scared of it. As she continued to watch the night slowly turned to day, with the town in the distance slowly picking up activity.
The sun sat at a position in the sky which she had heard described as “a gentlemanly hour” when she noticed Father Ellis coming out towards the church. Her church, as she had come to think of it. Once, it had been at the center of the town, but over time the shifting of the river, arrival of the meteorites, and various other factors had moved the town away. The other buildings in the area had all been torn down for the building materials, but something – possibly a faith long lost or a superstition – had stopped them from tearing down the church.
Father Ellis completed his walk out to the church from the town, and Zahariel dropped from her position on the roof to greet him. “Father – what brings you out today? I did not expect you until Sabbath.”
“There’s trouble in the town, Wielder of Truth. I came to seek your aid.”
“What is the nature of this trouble?”
“Bandits have been hitting local farms and supply wagons”
Zahariel stared at him blankly for a long moment, before she shook her head. “That’s a mortal issue. Can’t the human law deal with this?”
“Perhaps they could – if they were competent. Remember, not all evil rises directly from the Pit. It exists in the hearts of men as well, and your duty doesn’t just involve the dispatch of evil, but the protection of good. The good of the town will suffer from these evil men, and I fear that the new sheriff will be powerless to stop them.”
Zahariel’s mind retreated in on itself as she pondered the Priest’s words. The new sheriff – the scared one – was of interest to her in his own right. How the scared one became the sheriff in town still eluded her, but the doings of the mortals could never be fully understood. Still, he was one of the group that she needed to follow. She still didn’t know exactly why she was here, but she knew that this town had a vital role to play in the coming struggle between good and evil, and that one of the members of this particular group would be the fulcrum.
Father Ellis was still talking while Zahariel thought this through. “I’ll look into it” she cut him off, and began the walk into town. It didn’t take long before she found the “watering hole” where the members of the group would congregate for something like this. The scared one was there, already explaining the situation to the Seeker and the Enigma. The Wanderer, as usual, was absent.
“The mayor needs us to deal with a situation at the prison. Apparently some group calling themselves the Longshots has staged a jailbreak – only instead of everyone running, they slaughtered the prison staff and now are using the prison as their base of operations. They’ve been hitting the local farmers and all the supply wagons coming into or out of town. There’s at least 20 of them in there, so we probably can’t just walk up and force them to back down. We’ll need to figure out a few things, maybe get some backup before we try and tackle this problem head-on.” He cast a knowing look at Zahariel. “No one goes into the prison until we’re ready.”
The mortals talked amongst each other before deciding on their courses of action. Zahariel caught that the Scared one and the Enigma were going to work on gathering additional forces, each in their own particular way, while the Seeker was going to go and scout the Prison. With no immediate task set before her, Zahariel returned her interest to the Order of Zarkon. The Order seemed to be deeply involved in the town’s workings, and might have some valuable information about what was going on. She wandered through town to the Order’s hospice, and with a slight bit of subterfuge, found herself in a restricted area. Quickly thumbing through a few files, she found numerous references to Zarkon as a terrestrial being, not just the false god from the imaginations of his followers that she had previously thought him to be. More interesting, was the file she found with details on the Scared One, and a bounty placed on his life by the Order. After gleaning some further insight into her companion, she slipped out the window and was gone.
The others had been busy in her absence – she noted five strangers who had joined the group. It briefly crossed her mind to ask why these men were going to assist, but ignored the impulse as mortal reasoning never seemed to make much sense to her anyways. They all carried deputy badges, and she noted with a trace of satisfaction that they were enchanted with some form of protection. The work of the Enigma, no doubt, and it reassured her that he had some concern for his fellow mortals. Perhaps his harnessing of unspeakable forces might not be completely evil.
She listened with a detached mind, pondering the notes she had found and this new insight into the Enigma, while the Seeker recounted his findings for the group. The others hatched a scheme to poison some supplies and have the bandits steal them for themselves. The group assembled the required materials and obtained a wagon, then set out with the Scared One and the Enigma driving the wagon, while Zahariel and the Seeker followed at a long distance in case there were any trouble. The plan went relatively smoothly from Zahariel’s perspective- the bandits attacked, and the two on the wagon put on a very convincing show of trying to escape and crashing their wagon in the process. When the dust settled, it appeared that everyone in the group had survived relatively unscathed, so Zahariel turned her horse back to town and awaited the next development.

The Longshots
Vincent edition

Lars Ian Appleby Roberts III was called into the mayors office to discuss recent events at the prison outside of town. It turns out that a group who identify themselves as “The Longshots” have somehow taken over and killed all other inmates within the prison.

At this point, the group took on three different objectives, Brother and Ambrose Strange decided to recruit more people to help take back the prison. Zahariel decided to try to infiltrate further into the Order of Zarkos. Vincent Valise decided to scout out the prison. From his scouting he was able to determine:

1. There are approximately 6 people standing guard on the walls.
2. The prison is approximately 100 yards by 100 yards.
3. Parties of 5 people leave the prison during the night.
4. The gate stays up for approximately 30 seconds. (10 up, 10-15 open, 10 down).

It’s discovered that The Longshots are sustaining themselves by raiding nearby farms and traveling merchants. At this point, Ambrose decides that the best way to deal with them is to poison their food supply. So himself and brother “persuade” some individuals to assist them by supplying carts and food so that it may be hijacked and Ambrose learns new ways to poison things. The plan works out beautifully as they are robbed at gunpoint by The Longshots while Vincent and Zahariel look on.

The gang regroups in town to decide how best to thwart the future plans of The Longshots and how to retake the prison.

Exponential Evil, final
More than one way to skin a demon.

Highlights of tonight’s session include:

  • After meeting back up at the sheriff’s office, the sheriff realizes that he is not fit for the job, and cannot handle it. He gives the position to Lars, who then deputizes the rest of the party.
  • Ambrose wakes up every day with a different wound. Unfortunately for him, today his wound looked like a demon’s stinger wound, and the party, suspicious of this (and knowing that being killed by the demons leaves you in a fugue state for a while), were scared and attempted to lock up or otherwise restrain him. He convinced them (mostly) that he was clear, and then bandaged his wounds up.
  • Ambrose, with the assistance of Elijah Gray, a fellow member of the Society, reverse-engineered the ritual so that it could be used to purge the demons from their victims. They also worked together to purge one as a proof of concept, and got a whole demon corpse out of the ordeal (Demon body parts)
  • The group rounded up the remaining demon victims over the course of the day, interspersed with exorcising them.
    • Zahariel, with Gallows’ help (as well as the help of the Christian priest that blessed his “holy water” in the whorehouse) exorcised two demon-possessed people. Zahariel immediately passed out after this 4 hour ordeal, supernaturally taxed beyond even her ability to withstand.
    • As mentioned above, Ambrose and Elijah uncursed the first victim, then after the rest were rounded up, Elijah and Zahariel, working together, used the modified ritual on the Temple of Rebirth’s altar to cleanse the remaining victims.
    • While rounding up the demons’ victims and cleansing them, Lars, Ambrose, and Vincent came across doctors from the Order of Zarkos who were looking to dress the victims’ wounds. Lars avoided these doctors, with good reason, but to everyone else they seemed like normal doctors.

Other things of note:

  • Zahariel felt a resonance with the demons they cleansed by using the ritual. She thought about it for a while, and realized that they feel similar to her, like kin, and thinks that they may be from the same source.
  • Ambrose discovered that his affinity for magic can hinder his working of magic if used too often in the same place, especially when doing powerful workings.
  • Priscilla decided to leave Randy’s body, which was verified by Ambrose. She is now at large, and has a grudge against at least Ambrose, and very likely everyone else in the party.
  • The doctors of the Order of Zarkos seem to know about the demon attacks, but so far have only been treating the physical wounds. At the end of the story, they had done nothing further.
  • A major milestone (1 refresh) was awarded at the end of this session. This also comes with a significant (1 skill point) and minor (change a non-High Concept aspect, swap two skills, swap a skill at +1 for one you don’t have, or change a stunt) milestone as well.

Petered out in the end, and ran out of challenges more interesting than the dice rolls to find and cleanse the victims. I think it was because of the 3 session length of this story, but was feeling burnt out at the end of the session. Looking forward to making new material again.

Exponential Evil, pt. 2
Undead grandma resurfaces; the demons spread

Here are the highlights of tonight’s session

  • Ambrose dealt with the banker’s family by taking them to jail, under the mistaken assumption that the sheriff that they were talking about was the actual sheriff. He was very drunk, and gave Ambrose the key, which he left with. The family hung out in jail until their house was cleared.
  • After Zahariel finished exorcising Gretta, in a grueling 4 hour ordeal, the group investigated the watcher that Vincent noticed a few buildings over. They found a corpse, which Gretta identified as her 17 year old cousin, Alfred. He apparently died from the fall off the building.
  • When the group, including Gretta, went back to Gretta’s house, they found that her son, Randy, was missing. Zahariel climbed up to the roof and spotted him bounding rooftop to rooftop, gave chase, and eventually captured him.
  • After questioning, it was revealed that Randy was possessed by his great-grandmother, Priscilla. She was also the one who accidentally cursed Gretta (while trying to kill her as the sacrifice for a ritual), and released the plague of demons on Dry Gulch. She told Ambrose that the ritual was supposed to anchor her to a body and make it so that she wouldn’t burn it out after a week or so. She got this ritual from a cloaked (physically and magically) man, who knew of her plight and wanted to “help”.
  • Ambrose attempted to purge Priscilla from Randy’s body through a battle of wills, but lost and was psychically battered. He then agreed to work with her to figure out how to modify the ritual to reverse its effects. The group locked her in one of the cells of the jail, and the pair got to work.
  • Zahariel, Vincent, Gallows, and Lars tracked down one of the demons using Zahariel’s ability to sense them. The found the demon in his house, in human form, and easily subdued him, then locked him in a jail cell.
  • From earlier divinations, Zahariel knew that there were 5 large malevolent presences, and 3 small ones, each paired with a large one. The group tracked down one of the small ones, which they realized was a freshly killed human and nascent demon. The one they tracked down was dumped into the river and eaten by an alligator in the swamp a few miles from Dry Gulch. The group killed the gator and took it back to the sheriff’s office, locking it up in the third cell. They are waiting to see what happens to the nascent demon in its belly when/if it awakens.

According to Vincent’s calculations, there were 6 demons unaccounted for before the guaranteed transformation tonight. Zahariel sensed 5 of them, along with 3 of their kills, leaving one unaccounted for.

Exponential Evil (and The Matriarch of Rebirth wrapup)
The group (and the GM) have math problems.

First, the wrapup for The Matriarch of Rebirth. Since we did character modifications last week, I declared the mission from the end of this story as a failure and had the ending of that story narrated. Overrun by shadow dogs, the group fought valiantly into the belly of the Temple of Rebirth, but were unable to rescue Gretta Roarke and her kids. Timmy and Quiff covered the escape of the rest of the group, but were blown up by Timmy’s dynamite vest in the process. The explosion also collapsed parts of the temple’s underground structure, at least injuring the Matriarch (“undead grandma”) in the process.

Exponential Evil takes place about 9 days after the end of this story.

Highlights of last night session include:

  • Zahariel, the voluntarily fallen angel, senses a malevolent presence nearby, and outside of Lars’s brothel (recently left to him by Quiff), they heard some screams. Investigating this revealed that a demon had just manifested in a family house, and was terrorizing the family.
  • Everyone except Gallows entered the house and converged on the demon’s position. Zahariel finished it off with a single shot, while Lars pulled another child away from the demon and healed another member of the family, who’d been eviscerated.
  • The group split up to gather more information:
    • Lars and Vincent, posing as a sheriff and deputy, questioned the family members, then sent them out of the house to Ambrose’s apartment while they searched the house. They learned that the demon’s name was Orley Schindler, owner of the only bank in town.
    • Armed with the above information, Gallows hit all the bars in town, and learned that Orley was an alcoholic, and under a lot of stress from living with his extended family.
    • Lars and Vincent went to his bank, questioned his partner and looked through his records, and found that he was embezzling money. His partner also indicated that they had a lot of enemies, mostly those who they had to post bounties on for bill collection. Vincent then went to the alley where Orley was last seen, and with the help of the rest of the group, was able to track his attacker back to her house.
  • It seemed that his attacker was Gretta Roarke, who was the subject of the last story, and who everyone failed to rescue. She made it out of the Temple of Rebirth with her kids, but was killed during a ritual her grandmother casted, and came back with a demon within her. She’s been killing people whenever she can’t hold the demon back, which is about every three days, and assumes that those she’s killed has been doing the same. Zahariel restrained Gretta in an old Christian church while they thought of a solution.
  • Lars received a vision of 8 demons, that looked roughly like the one Orley turned into, and Gretta told the group that she escaped from the Temple of Rebirth and made her first kill about 9 days ago. Question is, how many more demons will be created after Gretta’s victims, and their victims’ victims, have made their kills?

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