Rock of Faith

Exponential Evil (and The Matriarch of Rebirth wrapup)

The group (and the GM) have math problems.

First, the wrapup for The Matriarch of Rebirth. Since we did character modifications last week, I declared the mission from the end of this story as a failure and had the ending of that story narrated. Overrun by shadow dogs, the group fought valiantly into the belly of the Temple of Rebirth, but were unable to rescue Gretta Roarke and her kids. Timmy and Quiff covered the escape of the rest of the group, but were blown up by Timmy’s dynamite vest in the process. The explosion also collapsed parts of the temple’s underground structure, at least injuring the Matriarch (“undead grandma”) in the process.

Exponential Evil takes place about 9 days after the end of this story.

Highlights of last night session include:

  • Zahariel, the voluntarily fallen angel, senses a malevolent presence nearby, and outside of Lars’s brothel (recently left to him by Quiff), they heard some screams. Investigating this revealed that a demon had just manifested in a family house, and was terrorizing the family.
  • Everyone except Gallows entered the house and converged on the demon’s position. Zahariel finished it off with a single shot, while Lars pulled another child away from the demon and healed another member of the family, who’d been eviscerated.
  • The group split up to gather more information:
    • Lars and Vincent, posing as a sheriff and deputy, questioned the family members, then sent them out of the house to Ambrose’s apartment while they searched the house. They learned that the demon’s name was Orley Schindler, owner of the only bank in town.
    • Armed with the above information, Gallows hit all the bars in town, and learned that Orley was an alcoholic, and under a lot of stress from living with his extended family.
    • Lars and Vincent went to his bank, questioned his partner and looked through his records, and found that he was embezzling money. His partner also indicated that they had a lot of enemies, mostly those who they had to post bounties on for bill collection. Vincent then went to the alley where Orley was last seen, and with the help of the rest of the group, was able to track his attacker back to her house.
  • It seemed that his attacker was Gretta Roarke, who was the subject of the last story, and who everyone failed to rescue. She made it out of the Temple of Rebirth with her kids, but was killed during a ritual her grandmother casted, and came back with a demon within her. She’s been killing people whenever she can’t hold the demon back, which is about every three days, and assumes that those she’s killed has been doing the same. Zahariel restrained Gretta in an old Christian church while they thought of a solution.
  • Lars received a vision of 8 demons, that looked roughly like the one Orley turned into, and Gretta told the group that she escaped from the Temple of Rebirth and made her first kill about 9 days ago. Question is, how many more demons will be created after Gretta’s victims, and their victims’ victims, have made their kills?



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