Rock of Faith

Exponential Evil, final

More than one way to skin a demon.

Highlights of tonight’s session include:

  • After meeting back up at the sheriff’s office, the sheriff realizes that he is not fit for the job, and cannot handle it. He gives the position to Lars, who then deputizes the rest of the party.
  • Ambrose wakes up every day with a different wound. Unfortunately for him, today his wound looked like a demon’s stinger wound, and the party, suspicious of this (and knowing that being killed by the demons leaves you in a fugue state for a while), were scared and attempted to lock up or otherwise restrain him. He convinced them (mostly) that he was clear, and then bandaged his wounds up.
  • Ambrose, with the assistance of Elijah Gray, a fellow member of the Society, reverse-engineered the ritual so that it could be used to purge the demons from their victims. They also worked together to purge one as a proof of concept, and got a whole demon corpse out of the ordeal (Demon body parts)
  • The group rounded up the remaining demon victims over the course of the day, interspersed with exorcising them.
    • Zahariel, with Gallows’ help (as well as the help of the Christian priest that blessed his “holy water” in the whorehouse) exorcised two demon-possessed people. Zahariel immediately passed out after this 4 hour ordeal, supernaturally taxed beyond even her ability to withstand.
    • As mentioned above, Ambrose and Elijah uncursed the first victim, then after the rest were rounded up, Elijah and Zahariel, working together, used the modified ritual on the Temple of Rebirth’s altar to cleanse the remaining victims.
    • While rounding up the demons’ victims and cleansing them, Lars, Ambrose, and Vincent came across doctors from the Order of Zarkos who were looking to dress the victims’ wounds. Lars avoided these doctors, with good reason, but to everyone else they seemed like normal doctors.

Other things of note:

  • Zahariel felt a resonance with the demons they cleansed by using the ritual. She thought about it for a while, and realized that they feel similar to her, like kin, and thinks that they may be from the same source.
  • Ambrose discovered that his affinity for magic can hinder his working of magic if used too often in the same place, especially when doing powerful workings.
  • Priscilla decided to leave Randy’s body, which was verified by Ambrose. She is now at large, and has a grudge against at least Ambrose, and very likely everyone else in the party.
  • The doctors of the Order of Zarkos seem to know about the demon attacks, but so far have only been treating the physical wounds. At the end of the story, they had done nothing further.
  • A major milestone (1 refresh) was awarded at the end of this session. This also comes with a significant (1 skill point) and minor (change a non-High Concept aspect, swap two skills, swap a skill at +1 for one you don’t have, or change a stunt) milestone as well.

Petered out in the end, and ran out of challenges more interesting than the dice rolls to find and cleanse the victims. I think it was because of the 3 session length of this story, but was feeling burnt out at the end of the session. Looking forward to making new material again.



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