Rock of Faith

Exponential Evil, pt. 2

Undead grandma resurfaces; the demons spread

Here are the highlights of tonight’s session

  • Ambrose dealt with the banker’s family by taking them to jail, under the mistaken assumption that the sheriff that they were talking about was the actual sheriff. He was very drunk, and gave Ambrose the key, which he left with. The family hung out in jail until their house was cleared.
  • After Zahariel finished exorcising Gretta, in a grueling 4 hour ordeal, the group investigated the watcher that Vincent noticed a few buildings over. They found a corpse, which Gretta identified as her 17 year old cousin, Alfred. He apparently died from the fall off the building.
  • When the group, including Gretta, went back to Gretta’s house, they found that her son, Randy, was missing. Zahariel climbed up to the roof and spotted him bounding rooftop to rooftop, gave chase, and eventually captured him.
  • After questioning, it was revealed that Randy was possessed by his great-grandmother, Priscilla. She was also the one who accidentally cursed Gretta (while trying to kill her as the sacrifice for a ritual), and released the plague of demons on Dry Gulch. She told Ambrose that the ritual was supposed to anchor her to a body and make it so that she wouldn’t burn it out after a week or so. She got this ritual from a cloaked (physically and magically) man, who knew of her plight and wanted to “help”.
  • Ambrose attempted to purge Priscilla from Randy’s body through a battle of wills, but lost and was psychically battered. He then agreed to work with her to figure out how to modify the ritual to reverse its effects. The group locked her in one of the cells of the jail, and the pair got to work.
  • Zahariel, Vincent, Gallows, and Lars tracked down one of the demons using Zahariel’s ability to sense them. The found the demon in his house, in human form, and easily subdued him, then locked him in a jail cell.
  • From earlier divinations, Zahariel knew that there were 5 large malevolent presences, and 3 small ones, each paired with a large one. The group tracked down one of the small ones, which they realized was a freshly killed human and nascent demon. The one they tracked down was dumped into the river and eaten by an alligator in the swamp a few miles from Dry Gulch. The group killed the gator and took it back to the sheriff’s office, locking it up in the third cell. They are waiting to see what happens to the nascent demon in its belly when/if it awakens.

According to Vincent’s calculations, there were 6 demons unaccounted for before the guaranteed transformation tonight. Zahariel sensed 5 of them, along with 3 of their kills, leaving one unaccounted for.



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