Rock of Faith

The Longshots

Vincent edition

Lars Ian Appleby Roberts III was called into the mayors office to discuss recent events at the prison outside of town. It turns out that a group who identify themselves as “The Longshots” have somehow taken over and killed all other inmates within the prison.

At this point, the group took on three different objectives, Brother and Ambrose Strange decided to recruit more people to help take back the prison. Zahariel decided to try to infiltrate further into the Order of Zarkos. Vincent Valise decided to scout out the prison. From his scouting he was able to determine:

1. There are approximately 6 people standing guard on the walls.
2. The prison is approximately 100 yards by 100 yards.
3. Parties of 5 people leave the prison during the night.
4. The gate stays up for approximately 30 seconds. (10 up, 10-15 open, 10 down).

It’s discovered that The Longshots are sustaining themselves by raiding nearby farms and traveling merchants. At this point, Ambrose decides that the best way to deal with them is to poison their food supply. So himself and brother “persuade” some individuals to assist them by supplying carts and food so that it may be hijacked and Ambrose learns new ways to poison things. The plan works out beautifully as they are robbed at gunpoint by The Longshots while Vincent and Zahariel look on.

The gang regroups in town to decide how best to thwart the future plans of The Longshots and how to retake the prison.



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