The year is 1859. 57 years ago, a large meteor broke up in the skies over North America, peppering the continent with flaming shards of death and heralding what looked like the end of civilization in the New World. Cities burned, people died, and the survivors fought over what scarce resources remained. Compounding their misery, the survivors found that the shards of the meteor warped the very fabric of reality around them, changing once-familiar creatures, plants, and landscapes into twisted nightmare reflections of their former selves.

Generations after the Starfall, the survivors have adapted to their new living conditions, and have begun to rebuild. The technology of the day (iron, steam, manufacturing), combined with the strange properties of the meteorite fragments and the backbreaking labor of slaves have all contributed to the rapid reconstruction of towns across the United States and its territories. One of these settlements, the town of Dry Gulch, in the territory of Utah, sprang up around a rich deposit of meteorite fragments, and is considered the western United State’s center for meteoric research. It is in the town of Dry Gulch that we find our protagonists, a group of headhunters bound by shared experience.

Rock of Faith

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