Rock of Faith


Old aquaintences and new threats

hHighlights of this session include:

  • Ambrose took the budding storm mage Arnold out to the desert during an uncommon storm to practice his skills. Due to Ambrose’s status as a supernatural locus, however, the training took a turn for the worse. A freak accident released dozens of ball lightning, all wearing Ambrose’s face, which headed straight for Dry Gulch.
  • The ball lightning raised havok in town, electrifying metalic objects and shocking people who happened to be holding such items. This sent the town in to a panic, which in turn drew a number of lesser demons out of the Temple District, drawn by the pain and fear. Zahariel and Vincent were compelled to stop these, and Lars went with them.
  • Gallows, Ambrose, and Arnold headed to Zahariel’s church to try to do something about the lightning. Taking a bunch of lead window liner from the church’s windows, Gallows created a makeshift wire, then attached it to the church bell, which is the largest visible metal object in town. He suffered repeated shocks, discharging the elctricity built up in the wire so that it would continue to attract the lightning, until someone brought him a donkey to fill in for him. The donkey died, but lasted long enough for Ambrose to fulfil his part of the plan.
  • Ambrose made a trail of metalic objects that lead to the meteor rock altar in the Temple of Rebirth. After Gallows cut the wire from the donkey, the lightning followed the trail to the altar, where Ambrose used magic to trap them.
    • While on the way to the temple, Ambrose also had a run-in with Priscilla, who made a mockery of his efforts to stop the lightning.
  • The demon hunting group ran into some members of the Order of Zarkos, who were taking advantage of the chaos to hunt Lars in the city. After deflecting the robed order members, the group ran into some bounty hunters who were in the employ of the order, and out to capture Lars. One of them, however, recognized Lars from a previous encounter and re-introduced herself as Sennah, whom Lars had helped before. She switched sides, and told the other bounty hunter, Elzy, to back off, as he had no chance against the four of them. He did, noting that this wasn’t over.
    *Back in town, the demons that had made it past the demon hunters were terrorizing townsfolk. Gallows saw these demons and perceived them to all be copies of Istaqa. He then proceded to the bank vault, and after some finagleing, gained access to the meteor rock wall, which he used to make 8 copies of himself. This small militia made short work of the remaining demons, but was wiped out and absorbed by Priscilia when he went to assist Ambrose.
  • With the demons and lightning dealt with in town, the flow of demons from the Temple District slowed to a halt. The storm too was dealt with, as Priscilla used her magic to concentrate, contain, then disperse its energy. All threats dealt with, life returned to normal in Dry Gulch (minus the massive number of casualties from the lightning and demons).



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