Rock of Faith

Revenant, final

Istaqa is laid to rest

Highlights of Monday’s session were:

  • The group, via Ambrose and except Gallows, met the leader of the local Shoshone tribe, Shining Feather. They found out that he is Istaqa’s father and Cheyenne’s grandfather, and the person who put the curse on Gallows.
  • Vincent captured a Shoshone warrior armed with a rifle in town, minutes after an explosion blew up cell 1 in the sheriff’s office. He was thrown in cell 3, after moving the meteor wall to the bank vault, with the banker’s permission.
  • Istaqa was discorporated in the blast, and the ward that held him in the cell was destroyed. Along with the entire cell and most of cell 2.
  • The deputy that was guarding Istaqa was severely injured in the blast, and was partially healed by Lars before being taken to the hospital.
  • Vincent tracked some of the guys responsible for bringing Istaqa back to a copse near the river. This was later the site of a battle between the sheriff and deputies and Black Sheep, a former Shoshone shaman that was kicked out of the tribe for practicing forbidden magics. Sheep was captured and turned over to Shining Feather, along with the other renegade Shoshone that was captured in town.
  • Istaqa’s remains were recovered from the ritual casting site in the desert and returned to Shining Feather for consecration. Ambrose recovered some meteor rocks found in the area.

Feel free to append in comments if I forgot anything.



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