Rock of Faith

Revenant, pt. 1

Notes on tonight’s session. Feel free to use them to write your own POV adventure log.

  • A Shoshone indian dressed like a Mormon settler came into town looking for Gallows, and promptly found him in the sheriff’s office. He stated that he was there to accelerate the suffering that the curse that his father put on Gallows should be causing. Gallows recognized the man as the son of the Shoshone shaman that he killed 44 years ago, named Istaqa.
    • Later in the session, it was revealed that Gallows killed Istaqa as he eloped with his 9 year old wife (who looked 7, and was legitimate by Mormon standards).
  • Over the next couple of days, Istaqa began killing and scalping Gallows’ contacts. Gallows attempted to save his remaining major ones by telling them to get out of town, which so far has saved Sultry Suzanna’s life, as she fled to the next nearest town, West Bend.
  • The group has learned the following about Istaqa
    • He reforms himself at 6 AM every morning, whether he was killed the previous day or not.
    • If not killed, he discorporates at midnight.
    • So far, he has come back whole and with all the equipment he first appeared with, including his tomahawk.
    • He has been trapped in jail cell 1 due to Ambrose’s wards. HIs tomahawk was trapped separate from him after he embedded it in Vincent’s head. Whether or not it reappears with Istaqa will be revealed the next day.
  • Ambrose has met a Shoshone woman named Cheyanne, who came into town to shop. He escorted her around town, and she paid for items using small chunks of turquoise and gold nuggets. She said that she was living with her tribe, who is camped outside near the river.
  • Priscilla has made a reappearance near the Temple of Rebirth, and has been harassing the workers there. She is now only half of Ambrose’s size.



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