Rock of Faith

The Longshots, final

Maybe dynamite does solve everything...

Highlights of this week’s session include:

  • Ambrose put on a satirical magic show that showed the Longshots in a poor light. A few clone members of the gang were in the audience, and took offense to this, shooting one of the patrons in the head. The other was captured by Ambrose in a smoke box, in what appeared to be part of the show.
  • After the show, Ambrose rallied a mob to go take back the West Bend Prison. En route to the prison, the group discovered that the gang had sent out a dozen or so teams to raid every farm at once.
  • A running battle ensued, and a number of the Longshot clones were stuck outside the prison. Ambrose raised a storm, the Longshots made a double firing line, and both sides attempted to pull stuff (people for the townsfolk, food for the Longshots) out of the dust storm. In the end, the Longshots sealed the prison.
  • Gallows, after some back and forth arguing amongst the group, climbed the prison wall and went inside. He attacked the winch house to get the door open, but was captured and thrown in prison.
  • Lars went back to town and convinced the East Utah Teritorial Mining Company to give them two crates of dynamite. After some experimentation, Ambrose found that he could create more dynamite if he were holding the crate when re-forming his smoke clones. They did this, and had the engineer they also borrowed from the company blow a hole in the rear of the prison.
  • The mob and the group assaulted the prison and freed the captives, then located the source of the clones under the prison and sealed the stairwell leading down to it with dynamite. They then had Ambrose’s mini-clone scout the underground and find the source of the clones: a wall mortared with meteor rock and covered in blood. They collapsed the tunnel above the wall, blew out all the rock in the mortar frame, and recovered the frame back to the sheriff’s office in Dry Gulch.
  • During the assault, hundreds of manic-looking smoke clones ran out of the prison. According to what Ambrose saw via his mini-clone, all the people that were under the prison, including all the Longshots and some of their farmer conscripts, were dead, possibly killed by each other or their own clones.

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