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Rock of Faith uses the standard Fate Core rules with the following modifications:

  • Weapon and armor values: Weapons have a weapon rating of 1-4, and armor has an armor rating of 1-3. Weapons add their weapon rating to the amount of stress inflicted on a successful hit. Armor reduces stress dealt by successful attacks by its armor rating.
  • Wealth: If having and spending money becomes a large part of the campaign, we will use the wealth stress track. At the campaign start, however, it will not be used.
  • Custom stunts and extras: See below.

Custom Modifications

  • Extras: Things like magic systems, immortality, whorehouses, etc.
  • Stunts: All custom stunts used by PC and NPC alike.

Setting Information

  • Locations: Places of note that have been visited or mentioned during game creation.
  • Organizations: Allies, obstacles, and enemies, groups of people that the characters have met or made during game creation go here.
  • Items: Usually Extras, these will likely be attached to characters (PC or NPC). Any that are not will be found here.
  • Cake: It is delicious.
  • NPCs will be found under the Characters heading.

Active Scenario Aspects

  • Current Issues
    • Dry Gulch sure does have a lot of unsolved crimes…
    • Seems like people disappear here every day.
  • Impending Issues
    • Increase in the supernatural
    • War is on the horizon

Main Page

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